45th Congress


No. 139 (Register of congresses, congresses, symposiums and scientific-practical conferences of 2018) 
approved by the Ministry of Health and Science of Ukraine 

Will take place in Kyїv, Ukraine 
23-25 May 2018

26 May – post-Congress tour

Preliminary program

Dizziness Academy with demonstration of Vestibular evoked potentials (not VEMP), cranio-corpography with nystagmography, cardiography with neurological loadings. During the Academy you will see the instrumental documentation of dizziness, vertigo, migraine, cardioneurosis, differential diagnosis of types 2 and 3 tinnitus.

Definition of vertigo and dizziness according to ICD-10

Investigation methods

Vestibular migraine

Types of tinnitus

Space orientation disturbances

Treatment of vestibular dysfunction

Vestibular rehabilitation

Additional materials

The most attractive features of the event:

Target: Acquaintance with new methods of diagnostics and treatment.
Discussion of new R&D in diagnostic and management of dizziness and vertigo, vestibular headache and migraine, space and time orientation disturbances, types of tinnitus, identification of vertigo and dizziness according to ICD-10, management and rehabilitation of vestibular dysfunction

Until the beginning of the Сongress

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Main speakers

Agnes Szirmai 


Nuri Ozgirgin


Anirban Biswas


David S. Zee


Michel Lacour


Kostiantyn Trinus



Call for papers

Congress organizing committee welcomes to publication of articles and summaries dedicated to diagnostic and management of dizziness, vertigo, vestibular migraine and headache, space and time orientation disturbances, tinnitus types, management of vestibular dysfunction, vestibular rehabilitation.

You are welcome to send articles and summaries (articles 5-10 pages not more than 1500 signs, summaries 2 pages 3000 signs with intervals) with indications Authors name.Article or Authors name.summary at the e-mail: trinus.konstantin@gmail.com before 01 April 2018. Congress summaries will be published in “International Neurological Journal” and articles will be placed at “Journal of Neurootology” at the site www.happyvertigo.com


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